ExcaliburAnother famous hotel-casino in Las Vegas is the Excalibur, named after the mythical sword of the legendary King Arthur. As the name suggests, the hotel-casino follows a medieval theme and includes an effigy of Merlin the Wizard, a stylized facade of a magical, mythical castle and restaurants named after some of the heroes and villains from the times of yore!

It too is owned and run by MGM Mirage – the Luxor and Mandalay Bay are the other hotel-casinos which are part of the MGM stable.

Pedestrian bridges link the Excalibur Hotel with its neighbours, the fabulous New York, New York and the Tropicana, and a free tram allows guest to enjoy the facilities of the sister properties, Luxor and Mandalay Bay.

The complex was opened in 1990 and originally built by Circus Circus, but in 2006 it was bought, lock stock and barrel, by the MGM Mirage Group.

The Arthurian theme even continues into the in-house wedding chapel where lovers tie the knot in stunning medieval attire, and the wedding feast is enjoyed with relish – hands are the order of the day!


The hotel boasts an array of rooms, the most expensive being the newly renovated ‘Widescreen Rooms’. Exactly a thousand of these ‘quarters’ are available, and they all include a 42” plasma TV, alarms clocks with iPod inputs and the best views in the house.

Guest suites are voluptuously opulent and include stunning marble spa baths, large enough for at least two! Lastly, for the less well-heeled are the guest rooms, which although not as luxurious as the suites, are more than adequate for the visitor.


The casino offers the usual gaming options:

  • Slots and electronic games
  • Table games including roulette, craps, poker and Blackjack
  • Race and Sports including greyhound and horse racing


One of the longest running shows in Las Vegas is the medieval dinner show, ‘The Tournament of Kings’. Invading armies, burly knights jousting and dancing maidens all keep the patrons ecstatically happy while they are enjoying a banquet of sumptuous proportions.

The 2008 Excalibur entertainment schedule showcased:

  • The world renowned psychic and the number one New York Times bestselling author, Sylvia Browne
  • ‘Thunder from Down Under’ – a show just for the girls. An entire team of hunky Australians entertain the fairer sex with very, very little on!
  • The celebrated comedian, Louie Anderson, who featured in the popular TV series “Family Feud”.